• Branding Workshop

    Who are you to whom?

  • Branding Workshop

    Who are you?

    The Numbers

    Your brand is your personality. It's the summation of tangible and intangible qualities that make consumers want to choose you over an alternative every time. Establishing brand equity is more than just getting eyes on your logo or your offering. A recent study by the Harvard Business Review reveals that just 13% of consumers cited frequent interaction as a reason to engage the brand.

    What You Need

    Brand loyalty isn't bought, it's earned, and the first step to earning brand loyalty is self-awareness. You need to know your brand, and have an established brand identity to deliver consistency to your existing and prospective customers. 

    What We Do

    Our branding workshop begins with a number of questionnaires and exercises we have designed and refined over time to establish the goals of your brand, i.e. what you want your brand identity to be. The next step is evaluating how close or how far your present brand identity is to your ideal. Through our experience working with so many young brands, we understand the challenges of establishing identity in the marketplace, and our Branding Report - delivered at the end of our consultation - will give you the tools to continue the work we've done together once the workshop is over. 



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    Trong Dong

    Co-Founder and CEO, Rakuna

    "ArtMap has worked with us to establish our brand identity since Day One. Their wealth of experience and insight into how brands are developed is invaluable."