• Content Marketing Primer

    Taking You From Zero To Hero

  • The Numbers

    88% of B2B marketers, and 76% of B2C marketers reported using content marketing in 2015. Content and inbound marketing are the most effective ways to generate new leads and nurture existing customer relationships. It's the biggest trend in marketing for a reason. 

    What You Need

    Everyone's doing it, but how many people are doing it right? Content marketing is more than pushing blog posts and social media updates out into the web and crossing your fingers. Influencer marketing, contributed content, video marketing, these are just a few of the things falling under the content arena. It's a big tent, it needs to be managed effectively, and good habits must be established early. 

    What We Do

    Our Content Marketing Primer is content marketing 101 through 501. In short, this is access to every bit of knowledge, experience, and strategy ArtMap Inc. has to offer. Using our experience, case studies with past clients, knowledge of best practices, current trends, and customer behavior, we will turn you into the most effective content marketers in your industry. 



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    Heather Goldman

    President, Capstak

    "ArtMap Inc.'s understanding of content marketing has been a huge help to us in the early days of our company. Their ability to navigate the digital landscape and give us a voice in the marketplace has been tremendous."