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  • The Numbers

    Over 409 million people a month read WordPress blogs alone. The reach and scope of blogging is constantly growing, and its importance has never been greater. Reports show that as recently as 2013, the blogosphere was more influential in purchasing decisions and customer behavior than social media. 

    What You Need

    A blog can create a community, and turn that community into loyal customers and brand advocates. You need to get your message out there, and communicate it to an audience that is both engaged and highly relevant to your offering. The first steps are good writing and sound design, but successfully launching your blog goes deeper than that. Getting involved in your community, generating social media interest, and contributing posts to blogs with wider audiences are all important parts of the process. 

    What We Do

    BlogUp! Is our crash course in blogging. We will set up your blog, consult on design and market positioning, and develop social media and contributed content strategies that ensure your blog hits the ground running. At the end of our consultation, or BlogUp! report will give you acitonable information, establish best practices, and serve as your guide moving forward.


    $2,000 USD

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    Chris Maury

    Founder and CEO, Conversant Labs

    "ArtMap Inc. understands that blogging is part art and part science. Having them run our blog has brought traffic to our site, and put us in front of customers we never would have found before."